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Madame Alexander Happy Chanukah #10367 8" vinyl brown eyes and brown hair, Never removed from the Box. Hang tag says Legends: Holiday. Probably from 1990s or early 2000s. One corner of top lid separated can be reglued. $45.


Alexander Elise Ballerina #1640 1982 auburn hair, blue eyes, silver tutu MIB $125

Alexander-kins Wendy Bent Knee 8" walker 1956 original dress, needs to be restrung, black spot on inside of white of eye, no shoes or tag, tiny spots on nose, cheek, legs need to be restrung $125

MADAME ALEXANDER 8" Internationals

Alexander International-Chinese girl 8" Bent knee 1967, wrist tag, Very good condition $55

Alexander Internationals-Dutch girl 8" Bent knee 1967, wrist tag Excellent condition $55

Alexander Internationals-Japanese girl 8" Bent knee 1967, wrist tag, Maggie-face Excellent condition,$75


Alexander Internationals-Irish girl 8" Bent knee 1967, wrist tag, apron yellowed Exc $55

Alexander Internationals-Mexico 8" bent knee wearing black skirt, white blouse, white sombrero, black shoes, necklace, earrings 1967 Exc $55

Alexander International-Spanish girl 8" Bent knee 1967, wrist tag Exc $55

Alexander Internationals-Thailand girl 8" Bent knee 1967, wrist tag Exc $55

Alexander Baby doll blue and white check dress resewn in front between collar, Good $45


Alexander Maria - Sound of Music 17" vinyl, 1965-70, missing heel on one shoe, shiny mark on side of face Mint $70

Alexander Scarlett O'Hara 8" Bent knee 1967, wrist tag, slight fading, green and pink print flowered dress Exc $175

Alexander Storybook- Bo-Peep 8" 1978 straight leg, missing crook,one corner of box detached MIB $55

Madame Alexander McDonalds Dorothy from OZ Toy Doll 5" from 2007
very good condition $8.00




American Character Tressy 12" brunette red dress and stand, has key, hair mechanism works, black mark on back of arm, hair in back bottom two rows has been cut Good $25

AM Creations, bisque doll angel ornament. 3” Bisque doll has moveable arms and legs, dressed in white outfit with wings and halo. $6

American Girl


American Girl doll Samantha, apron only. Original to doll red striped apron with pocket. $8



Arranbee "Dream Baby" 10" all composition, adorable baby doll with blue painted side glancing eyes, painted molded hair. Very good condition except for some lifts and crazing on face and body, and lifts in back of one knee. Vintage clothing hand knit sweater and pink nightie with flowers. Marked: ARRANBEE DOLL CO. Stringing is good. $90

Carol Bowling Amerikette baby doll with bisque head and stuffed terry cloth body. Closed sleeping eyes by American doll artist a convention souvenir for UFDC regional. $100

Beehler Arts Pam ballerina Outfit purple tag but metal eyelet in back Mint $25


Belle Jodi 8" Vinyl with high heel feet , from the 1960s, nude, white spot on eyelash and eyeliner, some dirt at bottom of head near neck, $30


5” Lil’ Bratz   $5  long blonde hair, original dress, good condition.
Marks: TM & ©MGA/MADE IN CHINA. $5



Cosmopolitan Ginger 8" Vinyl head, hard plastic body, from around 1957, Marked: "Ginger" on neck. walker doll with sleep eyes, and rooted blonde hair. Looks like bangs have been cut and missing red color on corner of lip otherwise Good condition. $40

Cosmopolitan Ginger 8” hard plastic wearing white jersey top with her name, blue skirt, red shoes, white socks, panties, Mickey Mouse ear cap (one ear is floppy). Hair has been combed. Very good condition. $40

Cosmopolitan Ginger outfit, black and white check, shirt, panties, and top.  For some reason top does not snap even though original snaps are there. Pocketbook also. $10.

Corrine's Brides of All Nations, 7 1/4" vinyl doll wearing bridal outfit, has Jewish Star necklace, moveable arms and head, some stains on bridal veil, has hang tag stating that she's a Corrine's Brides of All Nations doll. $15

Corolle Caroline 8" vinyl wearing navy cordoroy dress MIB from the 1980s, $25

Diana Lence Crosby Abigail Adams UFDC Doll Study Club of Boston Regional 1978 bisque head only MIB $30


Longlocks Dawn’s friend #0510 NRFB brunette with long hair and blue eyes, greenish gold mini dress with gold chain front, white shoes. $75

Dawn Head to Toe #0508 NRFB wearing long blonde hair, blue eyes in pink mini dress with silver shaggy material, and silver braid trim, white shoes. Blonde fall, braid, and ponytail curl. Missing cover, otherwise mint and all original. $75

Town ‘n Tailored #819 NRFB orange peter pan hat with two gold buttons and chain around brim, orange long sleeve blouse with 3 gold buttons and attached belt with gold buckle, orange mini skirt, orange hard plastic purse with chain shoulder strap, orange textured nylons, orange shoes, gold plastic dress form, dawn brochure, and orange hanger. $55

Peachy Keen #822 Iridescent orange long-sleeve mini coat with two gold buttons at neck, looped neck mini dress edged in metallic gold bric a brac at hem and neckline, pink nylons, gold shoes, gold plastic dress form, dawn brochure and gold hanger. $50

Dawn’s Beauty Parlor #0554  1970 reclining chair with manicure shelf, hair dryer, stool and sink with mirror, manicure shelf holds 3 nail polish bottles (yellow one there, missing 2 others) and sink has 3 larger shampoo bottles, the 3 bottles are dark yellow, green and red. Small pink plastic brush, comb, and mirror (in original bag) Original release is light pink, purple and white, later releases are hot pink purple and white, or deep pink (the one shown is dark pink and purple). Blonde Doll with blue side-glancing eyes and lashes is wearing striped cotton dress and yellow shoes. Doll is shown on cover. $65



Effanbee Fluffy Brownie 8" vinyl wearing brownie dress, orange scarf, brown vest, brown shoes, no socks or beanie, white spot on cheek Exc $45

Effanbee Fluffy or Perky 12 1/2" all vinyl, soft torso & head, sleep eyes, blonde hair. marks: V (on head), 12-5/V (on lower back), jointed neck, arms, legs. Legs marked 12-5/V on inner thigh. Watermelon painted mouth.Good condition $30

Effanbee Samantha 8" vinyl doll marks 1994 original clothing. $20.

Effanbee Samantha 8" vinyl doll from 1994 original bathing suit clothing-bathing suit,2 sandals,visor $6



My Friend Jenny Doll 1984 straw hat. Elastic isn’t in good shape.  $5

Guatamalean native Indian dolls. 8” cloth. $20 pair.


Hazelle Maid Marion “AIRPLANE CONTROL  "POPULAR"  MARIONETTES (1950s) one string detached but can be reattached. Strings not tangled. Very good condition. $35

Hazelle Robin Hood marionette (1950s) #809 “AIRPLANE CONTROL  "POPULAR"  MARIONETTES , strings intact and not tangled,  works well..He has the green tunic w/yellow pants and sash. Very good condition. $40

Hazelle's Marionette Hobby Kit - Teto the Clown 1950s fairly rare 'white face' Teto. 15" wood, fabric, plastic



Hallmark P.T.Barnum 4" cloth doll Exc $15


Hasbro Maxie-"Making Waves" 11" fashion doll wearing blue bathing suit, 1987 MIB $20


Hasbro Rob 12" all vinyl Maxie boyfriend wearing shorts and shirt, no shoes Exc $25

Hasbro Rob Maxie's Boyfriend in pants and sweatshirt, 1987 MIB $35

Hard plastic 5 1/2" Hollywood Doll marked Hollywood in a star from the 1950s. $35


Baby Sees All from 1981- Vinyl doll, eyes turn and head moves when you squeeze her soft cloth body, Never Removed From her Box $30


Ideal Betsy Wetsy Outfit apron 1984 for 16" Mint $5


Ideal Betsy Wetsy Case from 1950s comes with one bottle (missing top of nipple). Corner wear on case, otherwise in good condition. $35

Ideal Compo boy from 1919 15" compo head, guantlet hands, stuffed cloth body and feet, original blue and white check rompers, some lifting, cracks, see p.33 Ideal book Good condition.  $95

Ideal Compo girl doll circa 1913 12" compo head, gauntlet arms and legs with molded on boots, cloth body, wears replaced dress some cracking and crazing, sleep eyes, see p. 31 Ideal book, Good condition $95

Ideal Crissy? Possibly for Crissy but no name on card, looks like top of card has been cut off. Hairpiece is mint but card looks like it has been bent.$5

Ideal Baby with Magic Skin (1940s) 18" hard plastic head, stuffed latex rubber body, jointed arms and legs, separate fingers, molded hair, hazel sleep eyes, open/closed mouth, holes in nostrils. Marks: 18/IDEAL DOLL/MADE IN U.S.A. (on head).  Lovely example of magic skin babies that are very hard to find in good condition. Her latex is in excellent shape some darkening of the limbs. Dress is not original. This is the exact doll that appears on page 75 of my IDEAL DOLLS book: 3rd edition, you can see her "nude" in that photo. $200.

Ideal Jodi Brochure by Ideal shows Jodi’s outfits and playsets excellent condition $15

Ideal Just-to-Love dress Outfit white and pink embroidered tucks dress,matching bonnet, 1973 Mint $10

Ideal Petite Princess Grandfather Clock and Folding Screen #4423, from 1964-65 excellent condition with box. $35


Ideal Tammy Doll original blue playsuit,$5


Ideal Toni 14" P-90 Brunette, pin pricks in hand, original turquoise with pink and white print skirt and vest dress, eyes rusty. Good $80



The clothing below is from a former worker for the Ideal Toy Company. She had original trims and fabric. There are finished items also. They date from the early 1950s.

Original organdy pinafore for 16” Saucy Walker or other doll. Has golden circles and lace trim, unused.  (see page 131 Ideal Dolls book 3rd edition) $15

Organdy dress with cotton pique trim for 16” doll (not sure which one) Fits P-91 Toni. $22


White with gold thread Fabric swatch 28” in length 7 1/2” in height for Miss Revlon skirt part of dress of Sears version of Queen of Diamonds shown on page 154 on Ideal Dolls book: 2nd edition  upper right. $11

Bag of trim from Ideal 1950s Saucy Walker Toni era $8.



Indian doll with bisque head, painted blue dots. $20.


Irwin Baby doll 5" hard vinyl baby wearing white crocheted outfit, strung arms from 1950s Good condition, $20

Irwin 4" Girl doll, early hard plastic, nude Good $15


Japanese dolls 2 1/2" tall composition type material with painted eyes,  Ca. 1950s period. Vintage item in nice condition for age. $30


Kestner  5" all bisque,  painted eye, blonde wig, painted shoes and socks, jointed arms and legs, Marked "7203 / S", Excellent condition, wearing her outfit from an old sewing kit, no chips, cracks, hairlines, or replaced limbs. $150


Knickerbocker Toys of Distinction tag. 16”Cloth doll with Vinyl mask face. Pink removable dress. yellow yarn bangs and side curls poking out of Pink bonnet that forms back of head.  Royal blue painted eyes. Felt shoes form feet and soles are separating from bottom of feet. Face needs cleaning. 1950s  era doll.  $15

Kickerbocker Toys Doll

Lash Eighteen Friends fashions-Tamaron Distributors bathing suit and towel fits 4" boy fashion doll MIB $5


Lois DiAuto Birthday Child 1987 UFDC Regional Doll region 15,7" Black hair, baby hold little package,, jointed limbs,bisque, wears dotted dress and bonnet, MIB $50





Wendy Lawton Katrena, UFDC souvenir doll from the 2002 Denver Convention. 9" Bisque head with glass eyes, a jointed wood body. Wears a white Russian inspired costume of a raw silk coat with matching hat and raw silk matching dress. Never removed from box with hang tag. She is listed in Jan Foulke's Guide To Dolls. $100




Friday Night Date #979 White blouse and bouffant pettiskirt c.1962, good condition, some lace coming loose on hem, hole in seam in back, stain in back, Barbie tag $8


Mattell Barbie Drizzle Dash raincoat 1967-68 #1808 hot pink and orange with 2 hooks and ties, missing scarf and rainboots, and one hook, Barbie tag Exc $50

Mattell Barbie orange "leather" jacket, silver metal round buttons, Barbie tag, good condition $8

Mattell Barbie doll from Barbie Babysits, almost non-existent to brownish hair color, small part of blue on one eye missing, sleeve torn at seam Exc $25

Mattell Barbie "World of Fashion" brochure-1985 Mint $7

Afro-American Barbie type doll, Marked:Mattel 1966 Malaysia, made from 1986 to present, bending knees, pointed toes, long black hair, hair has been played with, good condition,. $8

Mattel 11 1/2” doll, Marked “1995 Mattel Inc China”, brown hair mixed with auburn, has Freckles, butterfly in hair and on bathing suit top. Excellent condition. $12

BARBIE?  2001/MADE IN CHINA Quinceanera?   $25

Friday Night Date (1960-64) #979 white cotton underdress with puffed sleeve blouse and ruffled petticoat. Needs cleaning.

Barbie/Skipper/Penny Brite Skis (one broken), skate, boots and shoe $10


“Barbie” gumball machine 2 3/4” height, turn key and the gumballs pop up and down, says “Barbie” on front of machine, excellent condition $4


Mattell Ken beige cordoroy jacket, mint on card with blue brochure 1962 (p.49 Eames book) Mint On Card $20

Mattell Ken In Training #780 (1961-62) red dotted boxer shorts, undershirt, barbells, How to Build muscle book. Missing jockey shorts. Tee shirt dingy and has small hole Mint $20

Mattell Ken Zippered Slacks gray (1962) Exc $15

Mattell Ken 1962 Corduroy Jacket beige with red lining and brown elbow patch and matching zippered slacks Mint $30


Mattell Ken Zippered slacks brown 1962 Exc $20


Mattell Ken Navy Blazer 1962 navy with crest on pocket Mint $20

Mattell Ken Windbreaker 1962 beige jacket with brown knit accents Mint $15

Mattell Ken Graduation 1963-64 black robe mortar board hat with tassel, diploma Mint $35




 Mattel Pert skirt -blue with hook - Skirt is Darker than Shown (1966-67) $7    


Mattell Rickey 1964 light brown hair, Dressed in bathing suit and beach jacket, sandals MIB $80



Mattell Skipper red velvet tog and white bottom dress, Skipper 1963 tag, stain on back, no holes snaps there, needs a wash, fair to good condition, $3

Mattell Skipper Outfit #7775 long dress with pink flowers 1972, Mint on card $45

Mattell Skipper Outfit #1943 navy and white herringbone dress, Mint on card $45



Mattel Chatty Baby white terry top with ties with tag from 1962, has stains, may be able to be washed out. $8

MATTEL Chatty Cathy Shoes $10

Mattell Tiny Cheerful Tearful 8" vinyl, platinum hair, press tummy and she frowns, comes with pacifier, original clothing $50


Mattel Pipi Longstocking cloth doll 6" tagged: Genuine Barbie tag, also tagged c Astrid Lindgren Nordic Lic. $15


Little Webster Miniature Dictionary 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" suede cover says "Carlsbad Cavern" on front, leather cover with snap, from the 1940s or earlier. Printed In Japan.  Binding loose and has old tape on 1st page.  Your dolls will be well-educated. $15


Premier Hildy dress MIB $5


Rebecca by artist Deborah Kubilus, 1988 UFDC Mini-Regional bisque head and limbs, cloth body Doll girl with apples and long braids, region 15 MIB $75


Littlechaps Remco Dr. John's blue and white striped pajama tops Mint $6

Remco Hildy, Herby, Pip Mint on Card outfits MIB $25


Royal Doll

Lonely Lisa by Royal Doll from 1964, 20 inch with big eyes wearing original clothing and has original tag that has separated from her wrist but still there. Vinyl head and limbs, soft cloth body.  Excellent condition.  $65.




Strombecker wooden Baby Tender #153, mint in box, wooden feeding chair with vinyl seat for 8” dolls. Tender in excellent condition. Made by Strombeck-Becker Mfg Co, probably from 1950s. One part of the box lid has fallen off but is there. $25


Suzanne Gibson’s Sarah Jane - a Kalico Kid 18” hard vinyl face and hands, soft body, has painted freckles; Marks:  ©1973 Suzanne Gibson, missing shoes. Otherwise excellent condition. $15

Tiny Terri Lee vintage original navy and red dress with attached red net petticoat, has skinny white/blue tag. Fits 10” doll. Excellent condition. $30    



Regina Wentworth Souvenir set by Robert Tonner All original, Never removed from the box mint 2005 UFDC limited edition of 1500 worldwide. The Tonner Company produced Regina exclusively for this UFDC July 10-15, 2005 convention in Philadelphia. A one time head sculpt has been used for this dolls; the mold was broken after production and not used again.  New Regina dolls have a very different head sculpt.
This Regina is a 16” fashion doll with gorgeous blue eyes and platinum blonde hair styled in a bun. She is jointed at the torso, wrists, and knees. She comes dressed in stockings, sandals, and a lace teddy, with two additional complete outfits:
 1) a pink flapper style evening dress, with feather hat, elbow length gloves, matching handbag, and heels.
 2) a two-piece wood tweed suite includes scarf, elbow length gloves, dark rimmed glasses, post earrings, umbrella, heels and handbag.
 The box is a sturdy, heavy box embossed in gold print UFDC July 2005. It also has the original cardboard sleeve that protects the entire box and doll.
 Everything is attached in the 10” x 19” box, never removed, and from a smoke-free home.  $200 plus $20 for shipping.



Mammy doll from 1950s, 8” cloth good condition except ties to head scarf cut off and mouth felt missing on one side. Commercially made. $25


Uneeda 5" girl, brown hair with bangs blue dress marked: "1967 UNC/Made in Hong Kong" $6



7" vinyl girl wearing Israeli costume has Jewish Star necklace, red wig, moveable arms and legs, dress is stapled on. $14


11 1/2" Barbie type doll, vinyl, marked Made IN Hong Kong $50


Striped dress, 2 snaps on back, fits 11 1/2” doll, tag says “Exclusively for Shillman, Brooklyn, NY” $2


Flintstone Dress says “Yabba-Dabba-Doo tm” HBPI” no tag, fits 11 1/2” doll.


Brown Cowboy Boots Fit Barbie, unmarked, $2 

unknown 5 1/2 " hp doll blonde hard plastic doll painted shoes, Storybook look-alike, painted blue eyes, hair missing in back Fair $10

Unknown Cloth Doll from Barbados, wears colorful clothing has basket of fruit on head, earrings, black cloth, very good condition $25


Unknown Doll House Family, Afro-American mother, father, and two little girls, Moveable arms and legs, marked “AR3277”, soft vinyl or rubber, mother 4 1/4”, father 4”, daughter 3”. One daughter has facial rubs, other dolls excellent condition, nude, probably from 1980s,  $25 for all.

unknown 8" all vinyl, jointed at neck only, painted side glancing blue eyes, molded painted hair in a pony tail, nude Exc $35


Ginnette type 8” all vinyl doll wearing Christening Gown. Has bottle looks like never played with. There are spots on the bottle and on one leg. $20


unknown Ginny Competitor doll 8" hp doll platinum hair in homemade felt outfit, face looks like it has lots of black tiny spots, like its in the material, hair in good shape, molded t-strap shoes Good $40


Unknown 6" small vinyl doll marked "E.S." in white polka dot dress $5


Unknown Russian Hat probablly made of Caracul fits about a 12" doll $5

Unknown maker sheer navy pants with white polka dots, fits 10 1/2" dolls like Jill $5


Doll Purse vinyl with metal top and closure $5



Roller skates, silver fits 12-14" doll $6

White and brown oxford type shoes fit 14" $6

Pink baby tie shoes marked"Dolshoe 14-16" probably fit more like 12-14" doll $6

Virga 8" hard plastic doll from the 1950s, wearing original dress and saran hair which is rather untamed as is usual for these dolls, molded shoes on her feet, sleep eyes, she is unmarked, head a little loose, is a walker and head turns when she “walks,” underpants have lost their elasticity by stay up other wise she’s in good condition $20







Vogue Ginnette yellowed face, color scraped off edge of eyelashes, very tip of thumb missing, some dirt and ink on cheek, $25


 Vogue Ginnette 3 diapers and bathrobe and bottle (missing nipple). $12.

Vogue Ginnette Ski outfit (1956) #6508 pink and gray zipper jacket, gray one piece pants and top, cap (with small rust stain), Missing booties. Comes with skis not sure if original. $25

Vogue Ginnette pink terry hood, 1957 tag, not shown in Vogue book, original? $8

Ginnette 1957 pink cotton jersey top, one snap in back, 1957 tag, probably #7715 see page 225 Vogue book 2nd edition),$6



Ginny Wardrobe (1956) #6922 pink wood with pull out doors with wooden knobs.Scuff on upper right of door, some worn paint on knobs. Otherwise good condition. $45

Vogue Table (1957) unusual shape not shown in Vogue catalog. Missing one leg and some paint on the top. $15

Ginny bookbag torn on side has scotch tape repair $40


Vogue Ginny Dutch Girl outfit 1954 #236 (see page 126 Vogue Book 2nd edition), dress, apron, panties, wooden shoes, missing capm, overall good condition, hook and eye are rusted,  $24

Vogue Ginny Zippered robe (1955) #186 pink background, pink and blue flowers.  Shown on page 145 Izen/Stover book. $18

 Vogue Ginny shoes 3 pair pink and blue and white. Also 3 pairs of socks, blue in good shape, white pairs not so good.(Does not include box shown with them). $15

Ginny top to beach outfit "Fun Time" 1956 #6048 matches Ginnette outfit (see page 154 and p. 222 Vogue book 2nd edition), no tag, good condition $8

Vogue Ginny #6129 1956 “Gym Kids” 1 piece cotton knit shirt and panties, no tag, missing one tie, otherwise good condition and green corduroy overalls missing Kitty appliqué, no tag (see page 149 Vogue book 2nd edition) $18

Vogue Ginny Pink short floral pj top tie in back no tag probably 1956 #6222 (see page 155 Vogue Doll book 2nd edition) excellent condition $9

Vogue Ginny Rocking Chair from 1956 #6914, paint worn off most edges, condition good $45

Ginny Gym Kids 1957 #7032 Brownie dress only (see page p.128  Vogue Book 2nd edition),unclear whether original, has Vogue 1957 tag, missing bottom snap  $5

Vogue Ginny 1957 name yellow jersey, hook & eye closure, no tag (see page 160 Vogue book 2nd edition), Excellent condition $10

Vogue Ginny Outfit #7223 1957 rocking horse pj top only, needs washing, Vogue no tag, (see page 165 Vogue book 2nd edition),Good condition $6

Vogue Ginny nurse dress, #1131 1958 lower snap replaced (see page 170 Vogue book 2nd edition, no cap $15

Ginny pink felt prototype factory sample 1958 outfit #1161 pink felt roller skating costume (see page 171 Vogue book 2nd edition) felt top and skirt only $75

Vogue Ginny Flannel bathrobe, no tag, came in Ginny Plastic suitcase from 1958 #1565 Mint $10

Vogue Ginny pamphlet with black and white photos shows complete 1959 line of clothing and accessories excellent condition $25

Vogue floral sheer dimity nightgown came in Ginny plastic suitcase from 1958 #1565 $5

Vogue Ginny pink slip or dress 1957 or later, same material as top on #7063 gown, Vogue tag, ties sewn on, original snap missing $7

Vogue Ginny Vinyl green, blue and red print raincoat Exc $15

Vogue Ginny white gloves, stained Fair $10

Ginny tagged pink jersey top $6

Vogue Ginny 1 piece cotton knit shirt and panties Exc $15

Ginny bathrobe, white with blue flowers, ties added on $4

Vogue Ginny shoes misc.white shoes, no pairs $10

Vogue Ginny blue panties, fair$3

Vogue Ginny pins from conventions $8

Vogue Ginny "Holiday with Ginny dress" from MDC Lakeland convention, FL, 1979 $5

Vogue Ginny Pink plastic stand marked "Vogue1985" Mint $5


Vogue Ginny 8" hard plastic, Modern Doll Convention souvenir doll, blue long gown, updo hair, marked "1986 DAKIN' MINT condition$30

Vogue Red cordoroy jumper with ABC blocks Tag: Vogue 1989 "Div of Dakin" Excellent  $6

Vogue Ginny Hawaii, vinyl, black hair cut in front, dirty c1989 $8

Vogue Ginny doll 1986 Dakin/Made in China from 1991 convention wearing felt poodle skirt, shoes, (blouse not included), arms need to be restrung Fair $8

Vogue Ginny 1994 Convention Doll Beachcomber with tag, never been played with but arms need to be restrung $10


Vogue White slip goes with bridal gown for Jill or Ginny, no tag $10

Vogue Ginny Outfit #182 Yellow zippered rain slicker 1955, however has large Talon zipper and 1957 tag? original? Exc $15

Fits 8” doll like Ginny blue and white check pants, no tag Good $4


Bag of doll socks probably Ginny $6

Vogue Ginny blue panties, fair, 3 small holes, c.early 1950s,$3


Vogue Jan 10 1/2" all vinyl, long brown hair, nude, Very Good condition $75

Loveable Jan from 1963, all vinyl, made for only one year, long neck, wearing original bathing suit, missing shoe, shown on page 277 VOGUE DOLL book, hard to find doll, $175


Jill formal dress from 1957 #7403 black velvet top and white shirt with flower. Vogue tag.Needs freshening. $10

Vogue Jill red and white pj top #3304, 1958, not tag, good condition $9

Vogue Jill shiny blouse with velour trim #7408 1957 (p.246 Vogue book, 2nd ed)Vogue tag, bottom snap is resewn in, otherwise good condition $10

Vogue Jill black and white check skirt,with tag, probably #3113 from 1960 (see p.266 Vogue book, 2nd ed), somewhat faded $8

Pink and white cotton pique dress probably for Miss Ginny, tag “Vogue Dolls Inc/Made in U.S.A. c.1965-71 era, excellent condition $15

Vogue Miss Ginny white skirt and red and white blouse $8

Vogue red plaid outfit for larger doll probably 15” Miss Ginny, 1957 tag, excellent condition, $8



Doll books for sale:

All books have no odor and come from a smoke-free home.

“Bliss Toys and Dollhouses: 89 Illustrations including the complete 1911 Catalog” Edited by Blair Whitton, Published by Dover in association with the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum, 1979.36 pages black and white line drawings of Bliss line of toys and dollhouses with a full color cover, $25.

“Celebrity Doll Price Guide & Annual” by John Axe and A.Glenn Mandeville, Hobby House Press, 1984, black and white and some color photos and listings and prices for celebrity dolls, $8.

"Dolls and People" by Jeanette Mowrey, published in 1956, black &white photos and stories of doll collectors and their dolls, has photo and autograph of author pasted in book, 224 pages, vinyl covered dust jacket, very good condition $10


“Ginny…An American Toddler Doll” by A. Glenn Mandeville. Hobby House Press, soft cover,127 pages, b & white and some color photos includes history of Ginny, includes separate price guide, first 9 pages have separated from binding, otherwise good condition. 1986.  Includes separate price guide. $10

“Ginny…An American Toddler Doll” by A. Glenn Mandeville. Hobby House Press, separate price guide only, 1986 prices. $2

“Ginny…Price Guide for An America Toddler Doll” by A. Glenn Mandeville, 1990, updated prices for book published in 1986. $10

 “Godey Lady Doll” by Charlotte Eldridge the story of her creation with patterns for dresses and doll furniture, 1953. 209 pages black and white with 15 dress patterns and photos of the doll. Also patterns for furniture to go with the doll. Excellent condition, book jacket complete with very minor tears. $8

“A History of Toys” Antonia Fraser, Delancorte Press, 1966. Hardcover, 256 pages of black and white photos with some color photos of dolls and toys, interesting and well researched historical information. Dust jacket ripped, otherwise excellent condition, $8


Kewpies – Dolls & Art by John Axe, published by Hobby House Press, 1987. In very good condition with cover cello in place.  180 pages,  black and white photos with 16 pages of  color photos.  History of Rose O’Neill, Joseph Kallus. Shows Kewpie dolls and collectibles. $20

Modern Collectible Dolls Volume 11, by Patsy Moyer, values dolls from all doll companies, $5

Modern Collector’s Dolls by Patricia Smith, Collector’s Books, 1973, 309 pages, black and white photos of dolls from the 1950s+, good used condition, tear in book jacket upper back  $5


Modern Collector’s Dolls by Patricia Smith: 2nd Edition, Collector’s Books, 1975, black and white photos of all manufacturer’s dolls from the 1950s+, 344 pages, very good condition, $5

Modern Collectors Dolls Book-Fourth Series by Patricia R. Smith. Collector’s Books, 1979 270 pages, 5 pages of colored pictures, the rest are black and white photos of all manufacturer’s dolls from the 1950s+. Good condition, book jacket ripped  in several places $5

Modern Collectors Dolls Book-Fifth Series by Patricia R. Smith. Collector’s Books, 1984 287 pages, the rest are black & white. The rest are black and white photos of all manufacturer’s dolls from the 1950s+. Good condition, $5


“Old Toys” by Pauline Flick, Shire Album #147, Great Britain, soft cover booklet with history of dolls and toys, black and white photos, 32 pages, excellent condition, $6

“Price Guide for Composition Dolls-Cute and collectible” Rhoda Shoemaker, Second Edition, 1974, black and white brochure with photos and prices. Good condition. $10


“Toys Through the Ages: Dan Foley’s Storey of Playthings filled with History, Folklore, Romance and Nostalgia”Chilton Books, 1962, black and white with some illustrations and some photos, hardcover, 145 pages, very good condition, dust jacket has tape on it and some rubs on back cover, $6


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