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All paperdolls are mint and uncut unless noted.

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Gilda Radner Cut-out Doll Book #75127 1979 $25


Paper soldiers of the American Revolution Black and white, 2 pages missing, 1 colored in Otherwise Good $3

Belleropon Infamous Women Excellent Black & White pds includes Mata Hari & Lucrezia Borgia $6


Betsy McCall McCall's Magazine 1969 Gives a Valentines party, there's a fold in the middle and date written in ink on the bottom of the page, otherwise Good condition, $6

Betsy McCall McCall's Magazine 1960 Takes a trip on the California Zephyr, (fold in middle, some tears along top and side, Fair condition, $5

Betsy McCall McCall's Magazine 1966 Goes to a Beach Party, creases & folds, Fair condition $4

Betsy McCall McCall's Magazine Visits the World Fair, very good condition $9

Betsy McCall McCalls Magazine PD 1964 Betsy McCall and the Wedding Gown featuring Betsy's mom and her Bridal gown, top frayed, rust spots on side and lower right, fair condition, $3


Betsy McCall page from McCall’s Magazine, Oct 1952 doll and outfits available from patterns,Good condition  $7

Betsy McCall early 1950s paperdolls cut and pasted on cardboard, Dad and 2 Betsy pds and one dress, one Betsy has tape on face that has darkened $4

Betsy McCall has a 50th Birthday Party by Ginnie Hoffman, cardboard insert from Dolls Magazine 2001.  $5

BREYER My English Horse color and black and white clothing and accessories $10

Buitoni  Foods, cowboy and Indian cardboard punchouts. Complete set is punched out but not bent and never used. In original mailing envelope. 8 cowboys and 8 indians, 1 both Indian & cowboy, plus 1 wagon. From the 1960s. $15

Chest Publishing Bizagolaa a Historical Girl to color and cut, Black & white uncut booklet, with story by Jan Mike & Cathie Lowmiller Mint $6

Chest Publ. Kachi: A Hopi Girl Treasure Black & white uncut booklet, with story by Jan Mike & Cathie Lowmiller Mint $6


Amy doll book, 1977, doll represents President Jimmy Carter's daughter Amy, Mint condition $45


Dolly Dingle paperdoll in Peter Rabbit costume postcard, illustratedby Grace Drayton, good condition, address side has ink marks on postage stamp. $2

Jennifer the Career Girl Paper Doll - 2001 Jennifer can be a Police Woman, an astronaut, a soccer player or a Librarian.Mint and uncut. $6

Princess Diana & Prince Charles Fashion PD Dover Paperdoll 1985 by Tom Tierney Mint $15

When Betsy Grows Up Dover Paperdoll 1989 Mint $6


Hobby House Press

Hobby House Press, Aaron: A soldier of the American Revolution, color 2 page on cardboard, drawn by John Axe, signed by artist, limited edition for the UFDC national Convention, Boston, 1987.$7

Holly Hobby Birthday Card 1974 50 cents For a Sweet Girls’ Birthday Doll plus 4 dresses and accessories, $3

ILLUMINATIONS Jonathan James #05404, 1987 Recreation of authentic period costumes from 1888 by Ray Rue, a young boy paperdoll w/ sheets to cut, mint condition, $8

Jack & Jill Magazine

Jack & Jill Magazine Gold Rush Town paperdoll , Artist Roberta Fairall, color of lady, sheriff, store fronts, and Prospector Mint $5


Jeannie & Gene #3727 large headed girl and boy paperdolls with costumes $10

Ms Dolls Lowe #3712 1976 3 PDs with career clothes Mint $15

A School Wardrobe for your and your doll Magazine pd mid 1940s 2 color-brown and red Exc $5



Randy and Cher Mint 1977 Remake of Mini Mods with mod Carnaby St. outfits $20


A Day with Diane Saalfield #1770 by Laura Bischoff has 10 cent price on it Mint $45

Colonial Paperdolls Saalfield #1353 from the early 1960s is another version of Little Women: Beth, Jo, Amy, Beth. Beth has stamped "Permanent File Copy return to Library Desk" on her forehead, these were purchased when deaccesioned from Saalfield Collection at Kent State University, Ohio. Mint condition, $30

Little Women Saalfield #1377 Folder Mint $45

Mammoth Box of Dolls & Dresses #254, empty box, 15” x 10 1/2,” bottom of box has some tears $5

Mini Mod PDS with London Fashions #1348 1966 2 teens with Carnaby St. fashions $35

Really Truly Paperdolls Saalfield #453 - 4 Books: Connie & Ida Mae 3 pages, Hattie & Kathie 4 pages, Ann, Olive and Gladys 3 pages. Partially cut, missing some outfits Good $45

White House Paperdolls Saalfield/Artcraft #4475 1969 Mrs. Nixon, Julie, and Trisha, Mint condition, $35

Schocken Books The Paper Shtetl, black and white, mint and uncut, from 1990s era,$15

Patty's Party, Stephens Publishing #175, it's 13" length x 10" wide. It is all paper, not cardboard. She's listed in Mary Young's book, from the 1950s. Excellent and uncut condition. $30.

Troubadour Press/Price Stern Dolls through the Ages Black and white coloring type book with history of dolls, written by Nancie Swanberg, 1983 Mint $6


Western Bride & Groom Uncut boxed set, precut dolls (dolls are warped, not completely flat they could probably be weighted down and flattened out with a heavy book), perforated clothing on glossy paper, 2 stands, 1982 Otherwise Mint $6

Bridal Doll Book 5 paperdolls from 1978, Bride,Groom, Best man, Maid of Honor Flower Girl, full color clothing, mint, $25


Barbie Boutique Whitman #1954-59 1973 pink and white check cover Mint $15


Barbie & Skipper Campsite at Lucky Lake Whitman Paperdolls #1836 1980 Features campsite and furniture Mint $15

Bride & Groom Whitman #1957 -1968 Bride, Groom, Bridesmaid, Bestman, pen on neck of bride, crease on one page Exc $25

Fashion Flatsy Whitman #1992:69 1971 pd of Ideal Flatsydoll Mint condition, $30

Magic Stay on Clothes #1988 1956 Peter and Polly in folder price 59 cents, 2 outfits cut out and missing, rest of outfits are uncut $40


Magic Stay On Dresses Whitman #4618 1961 Blonde doll with 21 outfits; Carol - brunette(with crease in neck) with 30 outfits Exc $20

Malibu Skipper Whitman #1952-59 1973 Paperdoll Mint $25

Raggedy Ann & Andy Whitman Uncut from 1974,#1944-2, clothing looks like photos of real fabric Mint $15


Bride and Groom Wonder #9605 1971- 4 pages color outfits rest black & white on coloring paper stock Mint $15

Heidi Cut and Color Book Wonder #9600 4 pages color costumes rest black and white coloring stock Mint $10



Johanna Gast Anderton: An Original Paper doll “A World of Elegance” for the 15th Anniversary Modern Doll Convention, 1993, 1 paperdoll and 2 pages of black and white drawn clothing. $3

Loraine Burdick, black and white photo of Shirley Temple doll and original costumes, 4 pages, 1971, $6

Marilyn Zahl Hempstead Anna: A woman of the 1850s black and white 4 pages + cover, 1976.$3

Karen Prince Paperdoll notecard, 1997, blank inside $4

Judy Saucier  Cajun paperdoll 2 pages black and white, partially colored in, from 1987 UFDC Annual Paperdoll Luncheon, Boston $3

Kathy by Pat Stall.  Outfits from Sears Fall/Winter Catalogue 1966. Brings us back to our childhood! Insert from Doll News Magazine, on paper, page is slightly creased at bottom doesn’t affect clothing or doll. $8.00

Titania paper doll by Helen Page insert from Doll News Fall 1990, on light cardboard, excellent condition. $5

Pigs Go Baroque by Sandra Vanderpool cardboard insert from a Doll Magazine. Excellent condition. $5

Paperdoll Review Volume 5, #14, 1997. Includes articles on Colleen Moore and her dollhouse, how to throw paperdoll parties, Hollywood Pds by John Axe. $5


American Girl Paperdoll, Swedish $5

Learning Annex PD on cover of business woman and skier, Dec 1986 $3



Suzo halloween catalog with one page of cut-outs $5





I'm looking to purchase a mint uncut set of "Three Lilttle Girls who Grew and Grew" that goes along with this paperdoll from my childhood. If you have one, please let me know. Thank you Leta who identified my doll.

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