Dolls of Our Childhood

Doll Books from Noted Doll Author and Historian Judith Izen

The Long-Awaited 3rd Edition of Collector's Guide to Ideal Dolls

A MUST HAVE for Ideal collectors


***380 pages of all Ideal Dolls ever made!

***1,000 Photos, Most in FULL COLOR

***Updated Values for all Ideal Dolls produced from 1907 to 1985

Showcases ALL your favorite IDEAL dolls such as Shirley Temple, Toni,
Miss Revlon, Patti Playpal, Betsy Wetsy, Thumbelina, Tammy, Crissy and
many, many more.

Judith Izen will be happy to autograph her book for you. Please specify when ordering.



By Judith Izen

Buy an autographed copy today!

Betsy McCall, Sweet Sue, Tiny Tears, Toni, Tressy, and Whimsies and many more dolls are covered in this book released this month!

Contact the author for more information, Judith Izen

PRAISE FOR: Collector's Encyclopedia of Vogue Dolls: Identification Guide, Second Edition

Book is currently out of print and unavailable.


"The detail in this book is incredible. Tremendous color photo collection of dolls, clothes, accessories--wow!"

"It is a delight to browse through this book."

"The book is well written and beautifully illustrated with a large majority of the photographs in color."

"I highly recommend it."


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