Dolls of Our Childhood

Fabulous Fifties Fashion Dolls -JILL & JAN
By Judith Izen


Jill is ready for stormy weather in her green velvet coat with faux fur collar, headband and bag from 1957 catalog #7554.  Courtesy Laura Colpus.

Jill by Vogue Doll Company, Medford, Massachusetts was one of the first "teen" fashion doll introduced in 1957. She was introduced as 8" Ginny's older sister.

Jill was a 10 1/2" hard plastic walker with bent knees.  Her wig was either blonde, brunette or auburn in an angle cut or ponytail saran hairstyle.  She had pierced ears and wore earrings. Jill had matching outfits with her younger "sisters" Ginny and Ginette as well as teenage outfits such as "Record Hop."  Jill was well-made and is also eagerly sought after by collectors. She was produced through 1962 when she acquired a vinyl head.

In 1958 Vogue introduced a friend to Jill called Jan. Jan is

made of good quality vinyl.  Jan was 10 1/2" with swivel waist and straight leg.  She had rooted blonde, brunette or auburn hair in either angle or ponytail style.

 All sorts of fashion accessories were available for Jill and Jan including jewelry, furs, pocketbooks and mint green furniture such as a bed, a desk and a vanity table.

One of Jill's outfit from 1957 is an orange and white striped cotton dress.

These lovely teen dolls gave young girls a chance to role-play being a grown-up teenager.

 Jill and Jan even came with a "boyfriend" Jeff.  The doll manufacturers did very well with these dolls because once the parent bought the child a doll they then had to buy all the separate outfits, accessories and furniture. 

Jill wears a gray pleated skirt and plaid top with red felt hat. Courtesy Sue Johnson.

Since the teenage fashion dolls were approximately the same size the outfits of the various manufacturers were interchangeable.  Jill’s clothing portrayed an idyllic life of school, parties, record hops, proms and outdoor fun.  The Vogue Doll Company used rich fabrics such as velvets, brocades, taffeta, and polished cotton for the dolls clothes which were often accessorized with rhinestones and fur.

For more information on Jill and Jan and to see their entire wardrobe see COLLECTORS ENCYLOPEDIA OF VOGUE DOLLS 


All Vinyl Jan wears one of Jill's outfits that also fit her. Courtesy Laura Colpus.



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